About Me

Hello there, my name is Darius and as of this year I'm 28 years old. I am a full stack developer with 9 years of experience, 4 as a freelancer and the past 5 as part of Around25.

To give a bit of context, even since I was a child I liked to tinker with things, I remember my parents telling me a story about how I used to unscrew the legs off of tables just the right amount so it would still stay up but fall when touched, guess I was not an exemplary child at that age, but as I grew, this evolved in a passion for understanding how things work. By the time I got to high school I already started dabbling into code. It was here where I learned the basics of algorithmics and build my first projects. I continued my studies at Technical University of Cluj Napoca where I majored in Systems Engineering and Applied Informatics. While studying here my interest for programming evolved and I became interested not only on writing code but understanding the machine which runs it.

Regarding the technologies which I used in the past, apart from the ones I did during my college years like Java, C, C# and one or two lines of Matlab, I worked mostly with PHP and NodeJs on backend with a touch of Go at some point, React and Angular on frontend, Cordova for a few hybrid mobile apps, native Android for some proof of concepts. I built a few CI and CD pipelines with Docker and Jenkins and once had the chance of working on a project with a micro-service architecture.

To satisfy the other side of my passion, in my spare time I play around with Arduino, RaspberryPi's, nodeMcu's, IoT projects mostly. As of now I'm working on an obstacle avoidance robot.

To give back to the community which helped me grow, I try to make all the awesome pieces of code which I write publicly available on my github profile. Right now I'm developing an open source project written in TypeScript called generaptr, node cli package which with a given database connection, it reads the schema then generates a RESTful API based on it.

And to prove that I'm not a hermit behind a screen, I also enjoy playing some table tennis, reading a good book, walking home from the office (gives me time to think) and I don’t mind the occasional football.

That's pretty much it about me, hope I didn't bored you with it.

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