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Darius Cupsa

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Getting Started With Docker Compose

Building on the previous article [], today we'll take a deep dive in how Docker handles orchestration with docker compose. This being the second article of the Getting Started [] series. Why Docker Compose Docker Compose is a tool for running
3 min read

Getting Started With Docker

A few months back I taught a workshop for the FullStack Community [] in Cluj regarding this very subject, Getting started with Docker. Given the popularity of the subject and the positive review of the workshop, I decided to start writing this series in which I plan
2 min read

Build your own private etehreum blockchain with geth

Mining, cryptocurrencies, Ethereum blockchain, crypto trading platforms (here's how to build one, by the way []) - this whole relatively new blockchain thing caught my eye a few years ago and the interest only kept increasing. I'm saying 'relatively new' because even though the actual concept
5 min read

Satisfying a quirk of mine.

A while back, in my second year of university, during a course on digital and analog circuits, I had my first encounter with microcontrollers, learning all the intricacies of the Atmega8 family awoke my passion for IoT and so I bought my first Arduino Uno and a kit of wires,
8 min read
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